Decision-Making In A

Complex World

What do Leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs do every single day? They take decisions.

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Decisions, decisions, decisions.

What do leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs do every single day? They take decisions.

Decisions are a part and parcel of everyday life for everyone. However, when the stakes are high, the decisions become tougher to make. The risks increase and so does our blood pressure!

Your days are filled with a constant stream of decisions.Studies show that we’re bogged down by a good 70 decisions a day.Some decisions are minor, like what to eat, which route to drive to work, or in what order to tackle tasks. Others are more difficult, like deciding between two job offers, whether to move to a new city for someone you love, or whether to cut a toxic person out of your life. With so many decisions taking up each day, learning to prioritize them and make them effectively is essential to your success and happiness.

Decisions taken in the work place form the foundation for action. From whether or not to buy a new coffee vending machine to whether or how to launch a new product in the market, from whether to hire new or whether to fire someone, from whether to enter into new markets to which technology to invest in, decisions are plentiful.

Right decisions can put you, your teams, your company’s success and your career path on a crazy high; the opposite also holds true.

With the world becoming more & more complex, this skill of decision-making is becoming one of the most powerful & sought-after by recruiters too.

This isn’t an easy one. You can’t master this overnight. But you can make the best start, armed with the right knowledge, insights, methodologies and secrets to make it happen.

Welcome to taking Tough Decisions in a very Complex World.



We live in a world that is changing daily! Learn to deal with complexities & take decisions for an unpredictable tomorrow.

It's the approach that matters most. Do the 5 steps right, and you will arrive at the right decision.

Nothing is pure - not even our minds! Identify the Top 4 Biases that contaminate our decision-making process and smash them.

From small decisions to large ones, learn to take decisions like true leaders do.

Leaders are not shooting stars. They plough through every single day and come out winners. Become unstoppable.


Introduction to Decision Making (2:57)
The Science Behind It (7:29)
Dealing with Ambiguity in the New World (12:11)
The Process of Decision-Making(4:24)
Step 1  (5:23)
Step 2  (2:23)
Step 3 (3:29)
Step 4 (5:02)
Step 5 (3:27)
What are Biases? (1:58)
Confirmation Bias  (4:08)
Halo Effect  (2:23)
Sunk Cost Trap (3:25)
Survivorship Bias (4:16)
taking Small Decisions (2:55)
Cracking Big Decisions  (1:46)
Recharging  (2:06)
Sleep  (1:00)
Final Note  (3:02)

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Course Content

Course Content

It’s these questions that lead you down a defeating spiral of self doubt. Believe it or not, nobody is inherently lazy. They’re just not motivated. And that’s the key. So to kick-start your motivation, I want you to experience a positive change right away. I’m here not to get you momentarily motivated, via a motivational video or quote but to share with you HOW motivation actually works and how you can make motivation work for YOU. In fact, you can have the same drive that most people believe are reserved for entrepreneurs, high achievers, and leaders. Motivation isn’t just a temporary state of “feeling good”. Instead of waiting for it to happen, this is a skill you can develop. If you can take control of this system, you can master the art of motivation. I had to go through years of trial and error. But in this course, you don’t. This program takes you through all these lessons in an easy to follow, step-by-step journey that you can put into practice right away.