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Being Successful is the most cherished of dreams, however it’s also the most elusive of realities. At BEEJA, we make it happen for you. 

By following the right process, that starts with discovering your true self, empowering yourself with new-age mindsets, skillsets & habits and finally creating your own ME brand that’s unique, impactful & powerful. 

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Education should not be a one-shoe-fits-all, instead blending your strengths, plugging your weaknesses and creating new opportunities, that are right for you. Therefore, Learning should not be a one-time activity starting with heavy schoolbags and ending with a degree in hand. 

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  • We don’t B*llshit
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  • We don’t play games
  • We simply enjoy the learning process 


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Award Winning Coach
Award Winning Coach
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The Changing Room The Changing Room The Changing Room
The Changing Room The Changing Room The Changing Room
A new-age playbook to help you survive and succeed in the new-world.
Introducing the upcoming book, by Amazon No. 1 Best-selling Author, Geetika Saigal

It’s time we understand and embrace the fact that the world we live in is changing fast, faster than ever before. But with the world as we know it, moving at breakneck speed, how do we keep up, adapt daily, and most importantly, keep succeeding along our journey?

This book will help you do that, every step of the way.

In my previous book, Finding Your G-Spot in Life, I wrote about how to re-discover yourself, re-align your path, and revamp your life. 

The Changing Room shares with you how to evolve, stay relevant, and ride the wave of change in our modern uncertain times. 

It will decode the biggest questions that plague us and help decipher the elusive answers. 

From the Triangle of Mediocrity to the Toilet Flush Theory, from the Loser Pit to the Magic Molecules, from the Triple-S Formula to the Hustle Sack, from the Lollipop Effect to Shape-Shifting, from the Impact Paradox to the Jaw of Helplessness, from the Inverted Pyramid to the Transformation Triangle, and right up to the Success Sandwich, it will be one hell of a crazy ride.

The new world has new rules. 

It’s time to decode them. It’s time to embrace them.

It’s time to change. 

Welcome to The Changing Room.


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