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The Beeja Education Model combines the power of continuous learning of the most relevant professionals aspects and your own unique self, to transform you in ways traditional education never could.

You’ll experience life-changing personal growth and build your own personal brand to stand unique, unmatchable & unshakeable in your professional quests.

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A new-age platform for new world professionals

A new-age platform for new world professionals

A new-age platform for new world professionals

Combining the Flexibility of Online Courses, the Power of LIVE Interactive Workshops & Impact of Mentoring by a world-class leader.


Master Top Success Skills to help you succeed in 2021 & beyond. Keep learning and growing, with new courses added every month!

Online On-demand Courses

Learn from over 25+ Online courses. We follow the Triple-F Approach - Fact based, Fast paced, Fun filled!. Access anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

Lifetime Access

Pay once and get lifetime access! Currently, we are extending lifetime access to all the courses so you can keep referring back, anytime, anywhere.

Course Completion Certificate

Certification is included with each of our courses. Use them to create your skill stack, showcase your capabilities and heighten your brand power.


The power of LIVE sessions is huge! At Beeja, we combine the power of LIVE Sessions with the flexibility of the recored courses.

LIVE MasterClasses

Every weekend, members get invited to Interactive Webinars, to learn practical techniques to revolutionise their daily work life. Mondays will never be the same!

Recorded Replays

Sometimes life gets the better of us and we miss out on the best it has to offer. Therefore, members get replays of our LIVE sessions. Never miss out on the learning.

The Rockstar Vault

We believe in over-delivering! We are currently opening up access to our Vault of past recording of LIVE sessions starting from January 2021. Have a blast!


Often in life, we feel lost, frustrated, confused or at a crossroad. Therefore, we are with you every step of the way! Together, we will smash all your barriers to success.

Q&A Session

Members are invited to a weekly LIVE Ask-Me-Anything. Get Geetika's instant attention, direct support & straight-talk advise on the toughest of your problems.

Online Q&A

Never sit on a question! That is why each of our courses has the facility for you to drop-in your query and we answer it within 24 hours.

Exclusive 1-on-1 with Geetika

Beeja U.NLIMITED Members get a private consultation session with Geetika, wherein helps to create a made-for-you Personal Brand Accelerator plan. Priceless!


Course Enrolments

Our mission is to ‘Help You, Help Yourself’, by empowering you with the right mindset, skillset & habits. To transform your future, transfer yourself. Create your own destiny. Just as so many from our amazing community!

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What you'll LEARN

What you'll LEARN

What you'll LEARN

At Beeja, we are committed to empowering you with real-world skills. From Self-Discovery to Self-Improvement to Self-Management, we cover all aspects to help you excel in your professional journey. We closely observe the changing markets, global trends and future predictions from global bodies such as the World Economic Forum, McKinsey, Harvard Business, to ensure our community is at the cutting edge of growth.

  • Self-awareness
  • Living on-purpose
  • Goal-Setting
  • Prioritisation
  • Focus Mastery
  • Action Planning
  • Learning How to Learn
  • Time Management
  • Decision-Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Thinking Critically
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking
  • Revolutionising Habits
  • Power of Self-Confidence
  • Fearless on Stage
  • Public Speaking
  • Memorable First Impressions
  • Powerful Business Writing
  • Radical Agility to Change
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Growth Mindset
  • Abundance Mindset
  • New-age leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Acing Interviews
  • Building Personal Brand
  • Harnessing Social Media
  • Art of Persuasion
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Anxiety Management
  • Coaching Mindset
  • Art of Mindfulness

Get It All with U.NLIMITED Membership

Get It All with U.NLIMITED Membership

Get It All with U.NLIMITED Membership

Upgrade Yourself with Instant & Lifetime Access to All Courses @ 80% off

₹ 50,000   ₹ 19,999

Plus access all new courses, added every month @ 100% off, for free!
Plus attend Weekly LIVE workshops and Weekly LIVE Mentoring sessions.

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Beeja U.nlimited Members

also get assured Invites to all of the Weekly Workshops & Q&A Ask-Me-Anything sessions, conducted LIVE by Geetika herself.

Every Week!

Weekend LIVE MasterClasses

Wednesday LIVE Mentoring Q&A

Ready Set Go!

Get Access To All The Programs

Get Access To All The Programs

Get Access To All The Programs

You become what you focus upon. So why not focus upon yourself?

When you learn, improve & grow, it impacts what you do, how you do and who you become. It shapes your future and creates your destiny. Why restrict your growth by choosing one or two improvements when you can truly transform?

That is how Beeja U.NLIMITED Membership will help you - by unlocking All Courses. To un-limit your professional growth, join our U.NLIMITED Membership. Individually, each course has an enrolment fee. With the Membership — EVERYTHING is unlocked for you @ 80% off.
And there’s more! With NEW courses added every month, the learning never stops!

Train the Brain

10X brain power, learn deep work, do more in less

Writers Secrets Revealed

Bust the Myths, write your first book…like now!

The Confidence Booster

The sexiest skill to possess! Mike drop.


A step-by-step framework, from Blank page to Author

Presenting Like a Pro

Master the Art of Public Speaking and Presenting

Powerful First Impressions

It all comes down to a few seconds!

Overcome Stage Fear

Smash the No.1 Fear of Public Speaking!

Never, Ever Forget

Improve your memory, make it count

Motivation on Automation

Smash barriers, end procrastination, make a move

The Focus Game

Master Focus & Productivity like top leaders do

Making WFH Work for You

A must-have skill to manage & master

Decision Making in a Complex World

How & what you decide daily, defines every career outcome


To be a leader, behave like one. Be emotionally Intelligent

Get the Action On

Action planning process to achieve big goals

Learn Anything, Better

Learn the art & science of learning like experts do

Creative ‘Out-of-the-Box’ Thinking

Be innovative at work to lead the new world

Cracking the Thinking Code

Thinking is natural but Critical Thinking is a high-end skill!

Change forever

Awesome techniques to Adapt & Grow, no matter what

Bye-Bye Bad Habits

Habit formation process, transform your daily life

Effective Business Writing

Up your professional game & stand out at work

Becoming a Future Leader

Be the leader you want to become, now

ACE that Interview

Cracking interviews is not that tough!


Total Value of All Courses:
₹50,000 +

New courses are added every month, so you get more, learn more, grow more & save more.

How it Works

How it Works

How it Works

It starts with YOU. Start your journey of transformation by discovering what makes you you, building skills that matter in the real world and accelerating your professional roadmap as experts do

Step 1


Beeja U.nlimited Membership starts with a self-discovery program to rediscover yourself, realign your thoughts and revamp your life.

Our FLAGSHIP ‘Re-Invent Yourself’ methodology, takes you on a 6 step journey, where in you learn from 15 video lessons, and create your own vision & goals with 20+ exercises across 6 workbooks.

Step 2


Master the Mindset, Skillset & Habits you need, to Succeed in 2021 by getting Access to all of Beeja Online Courses.

Learn what it takes to be a Leader in the new world and grow bigger and faster that ever before. New-age Leaders have to Master Focus, Do more with less, Communicate effectively, continuously Evolve, Think Critically, Resolve Conflicts, solve sticky Problems, make quick Decisions, take Risks, show Empathy, Think Out-of-the-Box and Inspire others. Build the mindset of winners, skillset of the new world, and habits of highly successful people.

Step 3


Create your own Personal Brand to cut through the clutter and noise generated by 7billion people on our planet.

The Beeja U.nlimited Membership gets you exclusive direct access to your Coach, Geetika, directly one-on-one. You get a free 30 minute online consultation, the opportunity to pick Geetika’s brains and a tailor-made Roadmap delivered to you within 48 hours of your consultation.

Meet Geetika Saigal

Meet Geetika Saigal

Meet Geetika Saigal

Geetika is an Amazon No.1 Bestselling Author,
5 times TEDx Speaker & Multi Award-winning Success Coach, on a mission to help you in ‘Finding Your G-Spot’ in life.

Her inspirational life journey which has spanned many career paths, global exposure and bold life decisions, shows us how to live life true to one’s self. A born speaker and inspirational leader, she speaks at leading platforms & forums, in her mission to help people build impactful careers and meaningful lives. In her own words, “If you try, you can lose; if you don’t, you’ve already lost.”

Award Winning Coach

5X TEDx Speaker

Bestselling Author

Digital Influencer

Get Beeja ‘U.nlimited MEMBERSHIP’

Get Beeja ‘U.nlimited MEMBERSHIP’

Get Beeja ‘U.nlimited MEMBERSHIP’

A new age-age program for new-word professions. Empower yourself with not one, not two, not few, but all of the critical success mindsets, skillsets & habits to survive and thrive in the new-world. Taught by Geetika herself. Be you, a better you, with Beeja by G.


  • INSTANT Access to all 25+ Courses
  • 80% OFF Bundle Price
  • LIFETIME Access to all Courses
  • CERTIFICATE of Completion, included in every course


  • NEW Courses, added every month, for 1 year
  • LIVE Weekend Workshops
  • LIVE Q&A Mentoring
  • Foundation Self-Discovery Course to Re-Invent Yourself (adapted from INR 19,999/- Offline Program)
  • Exclusive 1-on-1 Consultation session with Geetika


80%   off

25+ Courses worth over
Rs. 50,000/-
PAY JUST Rs. 19,999/-

Pay Once & Get Lifetime Access

What Happens After You Order

What Happens After You Order

What Happens After You Order


Secure checkout page

Click the Get U.nlimited Membership button above and you’ll be taken to a Secure Order Page, to complete your payment transaction.


Log into your account

Complete your Order and check your email for your login instructions (this could take 5 to 60 minutes). Create your login and get instant access to your own private online panel, with all of the courses ready for you.


Start learning

Start learning from the online courses, as per your speed and convenience. Additionally, you will get Community Access as well as Invites to all the LIVE workshops & Q&A Mentoring sessions.
Choose your consultation slot with Geetika and learn from her how to sky-rocket your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Beeja U.NLIMITED MEMBERSHIP better than taking any of the courses separately?

First & foremost, you’re saving a lot of money! With the membership plan, you get access to all the courses at a whooping 80% off.Learn more, save more!
Secondly, you’re getting unlimited access to all courses. That means you develop every important aspect of your mindset, skillset & habits to truly transform yourself holistically. Unlimited access, unlimited learning, unlimited growth!
Thirdly, in addition to all the courses, you also get to learn from LIVE events & LIVE Mentoring every week. When you learn the right way, you learn faster & better!
And finally, we over-deliver. Members also get access to The Vault, which is a repository of our top LIVE sessions of 2021, recorded and stored for you. You will also find recordings of the upcoming LIVE sessions as they happen, so you never miss out on any opportunity to learn!

Which all courses will I get in Beeja U.NLIMITED MEMBERSHIP?

All! You will get access to all the courses in the Courses page, which will help you develop critical skills for succeeding in 2021 and beyond, no matter what your profession.

Will I get access to the new courses that are added after I enrol?

Yes. Your membership gets you access to all current as well as new courses added in the coming 1 year from your enrolment date.

Will I get Lifetime Access to the courses?

You will get Lifetime Access to all of these courses. That means, you can access and learn from your courses even after your 1 year membership.

Can I renew the Membership after 1 year?

Yes, surely. After your 1 year membership is over, you can renew it for another year, so that you can continue to get NEW content, courses, learnings and privileges. For some reason, even if you don’t renew, you will still continue to get Lifetime Access to all the courses that are already in your panel.

Will I get a Certificate for the Courses?

Yes. All courses come with a Certificate of Completion, which is downloadable once you complete the course.

I have a full-time job. Is there any fixed time or time limit within which I have to complete the courses?

No problem. All courses are available 24*7, so you can do them at your convenience, anytime, anywhere and at the pace you are comfortable with. All you need is internet connectivity and you can do continue to learn at home, at work or even during travel!

How often can I access the same course?

Any number of times. The courses will be there in your own private panel. You can access them as many number of times, and you can even start from where you left-off last time

How will I attend the LIVE sessions by Geetika?

Every week, you will receive the Invites & Access Links on your email. We also send reminders emails & SMS. We also publish the LIVE Events Calendar for every Month in advance, so you can plan ahead and block your calendar.

Can I ask Geetika any doubts I have in the courses?

Yes. Despite a packed schedule & heavy demands on her time, Geetika is committed to her mission to ‘Help You, Help Yourself'. There are multiple ways to reach her:
You can use the ‘Comment’ facility below every Video Lesson, to ask her any doubt, or share your personal experience or express your delight! Geetika herself responds to each comment.
She also conducts LIVE AMA Sessions (Ask-Me-Anything), every week, so you can ask her during the LIVE sessions itself.
If you wish you can also email to her directly.

Can I get to consult with Geetika privately?

Yes. For a limited time, we are extending an amazing opportunity, to get a 1-to-1 consultation to get mentored by Geetika, absolutely free. So waste no time; sign-up for Beeja U.NLIMITED MEMBERSHIP now!




Power of U.NLIMITED Membership

Online Courses + LIVE workshops + Mentoring

Self-Discovery | Focus | Productivity | Deep Work | Public Speaking | Presenting Professionally | Book Writing | Decision Making | Critical Thinking | Acing Interviews | Confidence Building | Powerful First Impressions | Thinking Creatively | Habit Formation | Learning Better | Building Memory | Business Writing | and more

many more coming soon

Entrepreneurship | Online Business | Online Sales | Webinar Pitching | Conflict Management | Leading Teams | High-Ticket Selling | and more

To Transform Your Life, Transform Yourself

Get It All @ 80% and Get New @ 100% off!

17000+ Course Enrolments
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